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Susanne Greber-Platzer

The high level of specialisation in paediatrics requires interdisciplinary cooperation in the care of complex and chronically ill children and adolescents, as well as those with serious acute illnesses, in accordance with the principle of "evidence-based medicine". We offer outpatient and inpatient tertiary care for all age groups, from the smallest premature babies to young adults, taking into account the involvement of relatives and placing the "child" at the centre of our activities.

In line with the motto "Specialists for the child", we offer optimal care with the "Paediatric Centre", in which the various specialist disciplines work together.

As the largest paediatric facility in Austria, we are actively involved in the training of our future doctors and achieve remarkable success in research at the forefront of European medicine. In 2022, we published 434 articles, resulting in a total scientific rating of 4,470 IF.

Newborn screening

Newborn screening

Since the mid-1960s, all newborns have been screened for rare congenital diseases as part of the newborn screening programme. This screening programme is carried out centrally at our clinic for the whole of Austria. Newborn screening


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