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Recent Key Publications

Bartosova M, Herzog R, Ridinger D, Levai E, Jenei H 1, Zhang C , González Mateo GT, Iva Marinovic, Hackert T, Bestvater F, Hausmann M, López Cabrera M, Kratochwill K, Zarogiannis SG, Schmitt CP. Alanyl-Glutamine Restores Tight Junction Organization after Disruption by a Conventional Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid. Biomolecules, 2020 Aug 13;10(8):E1178.

Grunert T, Herzog R, Wiesenhofer FM, Vychytil A, Ehling-Schulz M, Kratochwill K. Vibrational Spectroscopy of Peritoneal Dialysis Effluent for Rapid Assessment of Patient Characteristics. Biomolecules. 2020 Jun 26;10(6):965.

Herzog R, Wagner A, Wrettos G, Stampf K, Bromberger S, Sperl E, Kratochwill K. Improved Alignment and Quantification of Protein Signals in Two-Dimensional Western Blotting. J Proteome Res. 2020 Jun 5;19(6):2379-2390. Epub 2020 May 27.

Boehm M, Herzog R, Klinglmüller F, Lichtenauer AM, Wagner A, Unterwurzacher M, Beelen RHJ, Alper SL, Aufricht C, Kratochwill K., The Peritoneal Surface Proteome in a Model of Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis Reveals Mechanisms of Membrane Damage and Preservation. Front Physiol. 2019 May 14;10:472, eCollection 2019.

Wiesenhofer FM, Herzog R, Boehm M, Wagner A, Unterwurzacher M, Kasper DC, Alper SL, Vychytil A, Aufricht C, Kratochwill K., Targeted Metabolomic Profiling of Peritoneal Dialysis Effluents Shows Anti-oxidative Capacity of Alanyl-Glutamine. Front Physiol. 2019 Jan 21;9:1961, eCollection 2018.

Vychytil A, Herzog R, Probst P, Ribitsch W, Lhotta K, Machold-Fabrizii V, Wiesholzer M, Kaufmann M, Salmhofer H, Windpessl M, Rosenkranz AR, Oberbauer R, König F, Kratochwill K, Aufricht C., A randomized controlled trial of alanyl-glutamine supplementation in peritoneal dialysis fluid to assess impact on biomarkers of peritoneal health. Kidney Int. 2018 Dec;94(6):1227-1237, Epub 2018 Oct 22.

Herzog R, Boehm M, Unterwurzacher M, Wagner A, Parapatics K, Májek P, Mueller AC, Lichtenauer A, Bennett KL, Alper SL, Vychytil A, Aufricht C, Kratochwill K., Effects of Alanyl-Glutamine Treatment on the Peritoneal Dialysis Effluent Proteome Reveal Pathomechanism-Associated Molecular Signatures. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2018 Mar;17(3):516-532, Epub 2017 Dec 4.

Bartosova M, Schaefer B, Bermejo JL, Tarantino S, Lasitschka F, Macher-Goeppinger S, Sinn P, Warady BA, Zaloszyc A, Parapatics K, Májek P, Bennett KL, Oh J, Aufricht C, Schaefer F, Kratochwill K, Schmitt CP., Complement Activation in Peritoneal Dialysis-Induced Arteriolopathy. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2018 Jan;29(1):268-282, Epub 2017 Oct 18.

Aufricht C, Beelen R, Eberl M, Fischbach M, Fraser D, Jörres A, Kratochwill K, LópezCabrera M, Rutherford P, Schmitt CP, Topley N, Witowski J., Biomarker research to improve clinical outcomes of peritoneal dialysis: consensus of the European Training and Research in Peritoneal Dialysis (EuTRiPD) network. Kidney Int. 2017 Oct;92(4):824-835, Epub 2017 Aug 8. Review.

Herzog R, Kuster L, Becker J, Gluexam T, Pils D, Spittler A, Bhasin MK, Alper SL, Vychytil A, Aufricht C, Kratochwill K., Functional and Transcriptomic Characterization of Peritoneal Immune-Modulation by Addition of Alanyl-Glutamine to Dialysis Fluid. Sci Rep. 2017 Jul 24;7(1):6229.

Kratochwill K, Boehm M, Herzog R, Gruber K, Lichtenauer AM, Kuster L, Csaicsich D, Gleiss A, Alper SL, Aufricht C, Vychytil A., Addition of Alanyl-Glutamine to Dialysis Fluid Restores Peritoneal Cellular Stress Responses - A First-In-Man Trial. PLoS One. 2016 Oct 21;11(10):e0165045, eCollection 2016.