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Work package 1: Molecular stress signatures in PD (Omics Team)

The aim of this work package is to carry out systems biology analyses of clinical sample material obtained in the course of randomized clinical trials as well as a longitudinal collection of clinical samples of patients on PD, with the objective of identifying novel peritoneal pathomechanisms related to the stress responses upon chronic PD therapy and characterizing biological processes affected by treatment with PDF with added AlaGln (PD-protec™).

Work package 2: Mode-of-action of Ala-Gln (MoA Team)

The aim of this work package is to search for molecular mechanisms by which the cytoprotective action of Ala-Gln is exerted in experimental and clinical PD. The objective is to identify the distinct molecular targets of cytoprotective additives in PDF. This work package will initially focus on the role of Ala-Gln on specific glycosylation of proteins and subsequently aim to extend insights into other specific mechanisms of Ala-Gln on cellular function influencing patient outcome in PD.